Programs & Services

  1. Car Seat Installs

    The Healdsburg Police Department offers child seat installations by certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Stacey Miller.

  2. Fingerprinting

    The Healdsburg Police Department offers inked finger print services to the general public.

  3. Megan's Law

    Visit the Megan's Law website.

  4. Permits & Licensing

    The Healdsburg Police Department is responsible for the issuance of taxi operator and driver permits, massage therapist permits, concealed weapons permits, and solicitor and street vendor permits. Additionally, the Police Department reviews all special event permits submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department.

  5. Records Request

    Obtain a copy of a police report or police incident entry.

  6. Safe Medicine Disposal Program

    The City of Healdsburg has partnered with the SafeMed Program to provide a secure and safe location for pharmaceutical disposal.

  7. Vacation House Checks

    The Healdsburg Police Department provides a house check service to residents who reside within the city limits of Healdsburg while away from their residence on vacation.

  8. Vehicle Abatement

    Learn about the state's vehicle abatement code and procedures.