CALGreen Code

The 2013 California Green Building Standards Code (“CALGreen”) became effective throughout the state on January 1, 2014. CALGreen creates uniform regulations for new residential and non-residential California buildings that are intended to reduce construction waste, make buildings more efficient in the use of materials and energy, and reduce environmental impacts during and after construction.

Residential buildings subject to CALGreen include multi-family residences, and 1-and 2-family dwellings that have 3 or fewer stories. Non-residential buildings subject to the Code include buildings used for retail, office, motels, hotels, and medical services.
The 2013 CAL Green now applies non-residential addition and alteration projects with or without sleeping accommodations and meeting the following criteria:
  • The permit application is submitted on or after January 1, 2014
  • The floor area for the addition (if any) exceeds 1,000 square feet
  • The permit valuation for the alteration (if any) exceeds $200,000
The 2013 CAL Green also applies residential addition and alteration where the addition or alteration increases the building’s conditioned area, volume or size.

CALGreen Appendix Chapters A4 & A5 Tier 1
The City of Healdsburg city council adopted CALGreen Appendix Chapters A-4 and A-5 tier 1 requirements for new residential buildings over 3,000 square feet and for non-residential buildings over 10,000 square feet. Applicants for CALGreen Tier 1 projects are required to hire an approved third party CALGreen specialist for plan review, inspections and documentation.

Submittal Documents
The CALGreen residential and non-residential mandatory measures must be incorporated into building plan sets and the checklists shall be listed on 1 or more plan sheet(s). Additionally, 2 copies of the CALGreen checklists are to be provided on 8 ½” X 11” size paper.

Plan Review & Inspections
city staff will plan check and inspect projects for CALGreen compliance. If applicable, commissioning by a third party hired by the applicant will be required to verify that all building systems (heating, cooling, lighting, etc.) are functioning at their maximum efficiency. Third party inspectors are considered Special Inspectors and must be approved by the Building Official.

For further information, contact Steve Buffenbarger, Building Official, at 707-431-3346 or Visit the CALGreen website HERE.