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The following applications have been received for consideration by the Planning Department.
Application activity table.
Location Application Description Documents Hearing Date
City Wide LUA 2017-01 Amendments to the City of Healdsburg Municipal Code Section 20.20.075 Alcoholic Beverage Establishments, Section 20.28.310 Definitions and Chapter 20.08 Land Use Tables, to consider adoption of new standards, definitions, and revisions to the land use tables for uses that allow on-site consumption of alcoholic beverages, including new standards for dispersion of such uses and for conduct of events and other ancillary uses. draft resolution 7/11/2017
146-168 Healdsburg Ave The Mill District On March 17, 2017, the City received a Tentative Map application for the property at 146 and 164 Healdsburg Avenue (the site occupied by Nu Forest lumber). City departments are currently reviewing the application materials to determine if the information provided in the application submittal is complete; a determination will be made by April 17th (end of the 30 day review period). A public copy of the application materials are available during business hours at the Community Development Center. Additional information regarding this project will be updated on the City’s website as the review process continues.   TBD
110 Grove St TM2016-02, V2016-02, V2016-03, CUP2016-12 Lot split, variances and Conditional Use Permit for- 122 room hotel and 42 unit affordable multi-family housing Staff Report

110 Grove St DR2017-04 Design Review - Hotel (amendment to DR 2016-05) Presentation 3/2/2017
1260 Grove St. DR2017-03 Design Review for Multi-Family Affordable Housing Presentation 3/2/2017
157 Chiquita Road TM2015-08 Tentative map - 41 lots single family residential Staff Report
Planning Commission 8/8/2017
1201 Grove Street DR 2016-01
Design review for a new 25 unit Multi-Family affordable housing project. Project Information Planning Commission 5/24/2016
120 Parkland Farms Blvd TM 2015-07 Parkland Farms Subdivision Phase 11 - 10 lots   Planning Commission TBD
979 & 1069 Grove Street

Tentative subdivision map to create 30 lots for single-family residential development

ISMND Planning Commission 11/10/2015

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