Technology Services supports the following systems and subsystems for city personnel:
  • Over 130 PC-based workstations running Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. Workstations are primarily Dell
  • Over 24 mobile-based computers and tablets for Public Works, General Staff, Police and Fire
  • Over 30 servers of various sizes running GIS, Windows 2008 or 2012, Exchange, SQL Server and Financial Services
  • Internet connectivity and email for city staff, with sophisticated anti-virus, anti-spam and web filtering mechanisms
  • An array of enterprise-wide systems including financial management, e-government and GIS systems
  • a wide variety of small vertical software packages serving the special needs of individual departments and users
  • Wide area network, using ATT Fiber service, T1, DSL, Wireless and Cisco routers
  • City-wide telephone systems
  • All major office equipment
In the interest of security we cannot be more specific regarding our configurations.