Measure V

Front side of Measure V postcard

What is Measure V?

Measure V is a half-cent sales tax that helps fund vital city services and programs. All 100 percent of the revenue is spent locally to benefit Healdsburg residents.

Voters approved the measure in 2012 to stabilize City finances, offset the loss of redevelopment funding, and protect essential City services. In April 2013, Healdsburg began receiving sales tax revenues from Measure V. Revenues generated by Measure V are estimated to be between $1.8 million to $2.1 million annually for the last four years.

The City Council developed a funding priorities plan to illustrate needs and demonstrate its intentions to the voters. Here are some examples of how the funding has been spent.

Priority: Street Maintenance & Repair - $3,962,306

  • Citywide street paving maintenance
  • Downtown parking expansion (110 new spaces)
  • Sidewalk enhancements and asphalt repair - Rivers Bend
  • Design and preliminary engineering - Dry Creek Road/U.S. 101 Improvements

Priority: Public Safety - $2,351,264

  • Fire/police equipment, replacement and station improvements
  • Police officer, dispatcher, parking control officer and two firefighter positions

Priority: Maintenance of City Facilities - $1,653,536

Develop a facility plan to provide for the maintenance and repair of city facilities such as: 
  • Improvements: Senior Center, Community Center, Villa, Corporation Yard
  • City Hall renovation

Priority: Economic Development - $793,383

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Latino outreach (Corazon Healdsburg)
  • Low-income utility discounts
Total Spent (through June 30, 2018): $8,760,489

Measure V Documentation