City Council Goals

The City Council FY 2020-2022 goals documents are available:

The City Council annually sets goals and priorities. The goals, for FY 2018-20 are as follows. 

Strategic Initiative
Address the housing needs of Healdsburg workers and residents by updating and implementing City housing policies to increase the inventory of workforce and affordable housing in our community. Explore opportunities that allow for the development of rental and workforce housing.
Quality of Life and Effective & Efficient Government, 
Diversify transportation options to support connectivity and alternative modes of transportation in Healdsburg.
Prioritize multi-modal and non-vehicular transportation options.  Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government and Infrastructure & Facilities
Encourage Economic Development more closely aligned with our Community Values by supporting existing businesses and encourage economic diversity in new business.
Establish viable and sustainable jobs/housing balance.

Quality of Life, Effective and Efficient Government & Infrastructure & Facilities

Establish programs and policies to support the arts in Healdsburg.  Enhance quality of life through arts and culture.
Quality of Life & Infrastructure & Facilities
Place a ballot measure on the November 2020 election to extend Measure V.
Ensure there are financial resources in place to safeguard current staffing levels in the public safety departments while adequately equipping the public safety departments, maintain street project funding, continue and enhance economic development programs and continue to appropriately fund infrastructure and facilities projects.  Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government &
Fiscal Responsibility
Review General Plan Policies in conjunction with the South Entry Area Plan. Explore options to update the General Plan and begin the process to prepare a South Entry Plan. Quality of Life, Economic Diversity & Innovation, Effective & Efficient Government, Fiscal Responsibility & Infrastructure & Facilities
Complete priority infrastructure projects.   Quality of Life, Economic Diversity & Innovation, Fiscal Responsibility & Infrastructure & Facilities
To see the FY 2018-20 Goal Poster click here.