Healdsburg Planning Commission

June 9, 2020 6:00 PM


Consistent with Executive Orders No. N-25-20 and No. N-29-20 from the Executive Department of the State of California and the Sonoma County Health Official Orders No. C19- 03, C19-05, and C19-09, the City of Healdsburg Planning Commission meeting will not be physically open to the public and all Commission Members will be teleconferencing into the meeting via Webex Meetings.

How to Observe the Meetings

To maximize public safety while still maintaining transparency and public access, members of the public can observe the meeting by visiting

How to submit Public Comment

Members of public may provide public comment by emailing Comments may be submitted from the start of the Planning Commission meeting until the close of the public comment period on an agenda item. For example, public comments on Item 4A will be received from the point at which the Chair calls to order the Planning Commission meeting to the point at which he closes the comment period on item 4A. Comments received during the relevant time period will be read into the record, with a maximum allowance of 3 minutes per individual comment, subject to the Chair’s discretion. All comments should be a maximum of 500 words, which corresponds to approximately 3 minutes of speaking time. Any comment received outside of the comment period on that item, or outside of public comment on non-agendized items, including all comments received prior to the start of the meeting, will be included in the record of the meeting but will not be read into the record.

American with Disabilities Act Accommodations

Any member of the public who needs accommodations should email the Planning Department at or by calling 707-431-3346. The Planning Department will use their best efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to provide as much accessibility as possible while also maintaining public safety in accordance with the city procedure for resolving reasonable accommodation requests. All reasonable accommodations offered will be listed on the city website at




A.    Approval of June 9, 2020 Agenda

B.    Approval of Minutes for March 10, 2020

C.   Acceptance of Communications and Correspondence

D.   Declarations of Conflicts of Interest

E.    Disclosures of Ex Parte Communications


This time is set aside to receive comments from the public regarding matters of general interest not on the agenda, but related to Planning Commission business. Pursuant to the Brown Act, however, the Planning Commission cannot consider any issues or take action on any request during this comment period.


A.   Item

Description:         MISC 2020-02


Description:         Review of the City of Healdsburg’s 2020-2025 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for Consistency with the 2030 Healdsburg General Plan

Location:              Citywide

Applicant:            City of Healdsburg


Determination:    The CIP is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to Section 15061(b)(3) of the CEQA Guidelines because the CIP is a planning and funding planning document; each project contained in the document will require an independent environmental assessment appropriate to the nature of the project prior to its implementation.







Posting: This agenda was posted on City bulletin boards and the City’s website at least 72 hours prior to the meeting, in accordance with state law.

Availability of Written Materials: All written materials (e.g., staff reports, conditions, resolutions) prepared for items on this agenda are available for public review at least 72 hours prior to the meeting on the City’s website at Written materials submitted after the posting of this agenda, but before the Commission meeting, will also be made available for public review through the Planning and Building Department. If written materials are presented to the Commission at the meeting, a copy will be made for public review at the meeting.

Disabled Accommodations: In compliance with the American Disabilities Act, persons requiring special assistance to access, attend or participate in this public hearing should contact the Planning and Building Department at 401 Grove Street by calling (707) 431-3346 during normal business hours at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to ensure the necessary accommodations are made.

Appeals: Anyone that does not agree with the Commission’s decision may appeal the decision to the City Council, provided that a written appeal is filed within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the Commission’s action


David Woltering, Interim Community Development Director, June 5, 2020



PC 20200609 Agenda


PC 20200609 Minutes - 20200310 DRAFT


PC 20200609 4A - Staff Report and Resolution


PC 20200609 4A - Exhibit A