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REC@Home Video Submission Form

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  2. Now is your chance to be a star! The City of Healdsburg Community Services Department is encouraging residents to make a home video and share it with your neighbors through REC@Home.

    The possibilities are endless! Film an instructional video, showcase a talent, create a mini story, show how to make your favorite food, tell some jokes, etc. Be creative and have fun! Once you are done, complete this online form and provide us with the URL of your video or upload it directly. Selected videos will be linked to the REC@Home webpage. For questions, please contact Recreation Supervisor, Matt Milde, by e-mailing Happy filming!

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  9. Who's in the video? What are you doing in the video? This information may be made public.

  10. By clicking “Submit”, you authorize the City of Healdsburg to post your video on the REC@Home webpage. Please note that submitting your video through the Video Upload section will require us to first upload your video on our Community Services YouTube Channel in order to post directly on our website. The City of Healdsburg reserves the right to post or not post any submitted video.

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