Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan

Special Study Area
You can also view the Draft EIR and appendices.

About the Plan

The Central Healdsburg Avenue Special Study Area Committee was created by the City Council to implement a significant program of the 2030 Healdsburg General Plan: prepare an Area Plan for the unique area of Healdsburg Avenue extending north from the US 101 Central Healdsburg Avenue exit to the 5-way intersection of Healdsburg Avenue, Mill Street and Vine Street.

The Central Healdsburg Entry Plan should:
  • Develop streetscape design guidelines that will provide an attractive gateway to the community, including landscaping, street trees, lighting and utility under-grounding
  • Identify street improvements needed to safely accommodate pedestrians and cyclists
  • Develop building design guidelines that promote an urban character along this corridor and de-emphasize automobiles
  • Identify opportunities for visual and physical access to Foss Creek and its enhancement
  • Consider the placement of city identification and directional signs
  • Consider the construction of a roundabout at the 5-way intersection to improve traffic flow and safety, and enhance its appearance with landscaping
  • Consider the reclassification of area industrial properties that are likely to redevelop to an appropriate land use designation. The study area also includes future expansion of the US 101 interchange at Mill Street / Westside Road and possibly the historic train depot area