Fitch Mountain Public Access Improvements

Fitch Mountain Access Improvement Plan

The City is working with Prunuske Chatham, Inc (PCI) out of Sebastopol to design access improvements that will connect the lower Villa parking lot to the existing Fitch Mountain trail system. Final design is underway and the project is expected to be bid in the Fall of 2022 for construction during late 2022 and 2023. 

Originally, the project was planned to be constructed in two phases. However, Senator Mike McGuire secured additional State funding needed to complete the project in one phase. Planned improvements include:

  • A sustainable trail access from the Lower Villa parking lot to the existing fire access road/trail on Fitch Mountain.
  • A bridge system to cross the seasonal stream
  • Low-gradient trail for ADA access
  • Flush toilet restrooms
  • Information kiosks and interpretive signage
  • Dog Park improvements (see more information below)

Funding for the project is from multiple sources:

  • State of California via the Coastal Conservancy:  $1,650,000
  • Sonoma County "Measure M" Regional Park Funds:  $380,000
  • State of California Prop 68 Per Capita Grant:  $185,530
  • City of Healdsburg:  $561,570

Villa Dog Park Improvements

An important component of the overall Fitch Mountain Access Improvement project includes improvements to the Villa Dog Park to address ADA accessibility, ongoing erosion issues, and general aging of the facility. The planned work includes:

  • Redesigning the entrance area with new ADA access, signage, people water fountains, and associated improvements
  • Installing ADA accessible walkways
  • Relocating and improving the pet water fountain area
  • Drainage improvements and erosion control
  • New commercial-grade shade structures, benches, and picnic tables

The Villa Dog Park will need to be closed during construction. The City will be working with the Dog Park Committee to identify and establish a temporary location for the Dog Park during construction. More information will be posted here, on the City's social media, and at the Dog Park when we know the construction timeline. 

Click on the images below to download a larger PDF file for each image. 

Aerial View of Improvements

20220707_DOG PARK

Plan View of Improvements

Villa Dog Park Improvement Plan

Example of Amenities (Actual Amenities May Be Different)