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     The City Council of the City of Healdsburg values all members of our community. Housing that is decent, safe and affordable to all is critical to the overall quality of life in our community. The City is committed to providing Healdsburg residents who reside in rental units a level of stability in their rent and occupancy. The following Rental Stabilization Advisory addresses concerns that have been raised due to recent substantial rent increases and tenant displacements related to repair/maintenance issues.

Please note, City housing policy documents including the City’s General Plan and recently adopted Housing Element, as well as the recent Housing Our Community workshops provide additional background on housing topics. While it is expected that property owners comply with all applicable laws, the purpose of this Advisory is to affirm Council’s support of the City’s housing goals and communicate expectations to property owners.
1. Property owners have an obligation to provide a measure of reliability to tenants regarding rent increases both in terms of rate of increase and frequency. Rent increases for current tenants should be reasonable and fair. A guideline for a reasonable and fair increase amount should not exceed 10% annually.

a. Rents should not be raised more than once per calendar year to current tenants. 

b. Owner should be able to recover the cost associated with an increased cost of operations and maintenance.

c. Owners should, whenever possible, provide tenants with a minimum of 90 calendar days’ written notice prior to the effective date of any rent increase.

2. When significant work on a rental unit is needed that requires the tenant to be removed, the tenant is to be given the first right of return to his or her unit once repairs are completed.

a. Owners should be able to recover the documented cost of capital improvements averaged on a per unit basis amortized over a period of no less than 48 months;

b. First right of return would not apply to those tenants that are delinquent in rental payments; and/or that have violated the rental/lease provisions;

c. If renovations / improvements require terminating tenancies, owners should provide a minimum of 90 days’ written notice to the tenant.

d. Owners must consider and respond appropriately to requests for reasonable accommodations from tenants with disabilities.

3. Owners / property managers imposing reasonable rent increases should be willing to listen openly to tenants’ concerns and consider special arrangements for hardship cases when appropriate.

4. Safe and healthy living conditions are a shared responsibility. Property owners are expected to respect the rights of their tenants and provide a timely response to maintenance/repair requests and in accordance with applicable law.

a. Rental property owners are responsible for maintaining their property in good repair and are encouraged to work with their tenants to visually inspect properties on a regular basis to identify any health and/or safety issues and complete any required corrections promptly.

b. It is important to contact the City’s Planning and Building Department prior to initiating necessary work to determine whether or not a building permit is required. The Building Department is available to provide information and assistance regarding building code requirements.

c. In accordance with State law, owners are prohibited from taking action (such as increasing rent, or serving notices of termination) that could be considered retaliatory against tenants who have recently made complaints to the City regarding unresolved health and safety issues in their units.

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