Water Rebates

  1. Low Flow Toilet Rebate
  2. Clothes Washer Rebate
Customers who install low flow toilets are eligible for $110 rebate per toilet installed. 

Program Requirements:

  • Toilet(s) must be 1.28 gpf or less
  • Toilet(s) must be an EPA WaterSense labeled fixture
  • A copy of the invoice or receipt confirming purchase price and model information must be included with the completed rebate application
Rebate Application
  1. Lawn Conversion Rebate
  2. Greywater System Rebate
  3. Irrigation System Upgrade Rebate

Customers that convert their existing turf to low- & no-water using landscapes are eligible for a rebate of $1 per square foot converted 

Program Requirements:

  • Application
  • Pre-and Post-conversion Inspections
  • Once the application is received, the pre-conversion inspection can be scheduled
  • The conversion must be completed within 120 days
  • If lawn is reinstalled within 10 years of the completion date of the project, the entire rebate remount is required to be repaid to the City. 

To fill out an application over the phone and schedule an inspection, please call our Conservation Analyst at 707-431-3122.


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Yard Signs!

Would you like a yard sign to celebrate your participation in the Lawn Conversion Program or your commitment to water conservation by allowing your turf to go brown? 

Email us to request yours!

Brown is the new green

Lawn Conversion Blue


The City is offering the following water saving items to customers, free of charge:

If you are interested in these items, please email us, call 707-431-3122 or stop by Utility Billing in City Hall.