Water Department staff maintains the city water system from production at the well fields and storage at various reservoir sites through distribution to city water customers. Duties include repair of leaking service lines by replacement from the main to the water meter, repairing damage to the main distribution system and maintaining the well pumps, reservoirs and booster pumps. Maintenance of water quality to meet state water quality standards is a priority. 

Stage 2 Water Reductions in Effect

On November 15, 2021 the City Council put into effect Stage 2 water restrictions.  While recent rains and cooler weather have help storage within local reservoirs remains at an all time lows.  Continued conservation is needed to allow the reservoirs to recover and conservation may very well be needed through the summer of 2022.  For a list of current water restrictions please follow this link https://healdsburg.gov/714/Current-Drought-Information.

Russian River

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